About us

About Our Company

Since the inception of our journey in 2012, we have come a long way in terms of experience, reach, product quality, product range and most importantly, our overall standard of services. With our valuable experience of more than 25 years, we have not only seen and studied the basic needs of our people but have personally felt their necessities and requirements. We ensured to apply the same principals to our core values when providing our products and services. It has helped us immensely in creating our own unique identity in a vast open market. Our huge and varied customer base belonging to different professions and regions is a testament to our rich values and quality services.

The products and services we provide are based not only on the best quality standards but are the result of extensive market research. We ensure that we understand the actual requirements of our clients and how we device the solutions to provide them not just better but the very best solutions that suit their demands perfectly. Our wide and varied range of products includes water tanks, PVC doors, modular kitchen furniture, plastic waste dustbins, Plastics Pallets ,Insulates Boxes ,Commercial and Residential Mats, Doormats ,flower Pots, Construction Chemicals like Integral water proofing ,Waterproof Coating, Exterior Coating, Repairing Products, Engineering Grouts, Wall Putty, Tile Solution, Industrial Flooring ,Modified Mortar, Concrete Admixture, Sealent solutions and so on.